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  • Vienna
    Vienna 25/4/2019
    We have recently returned from our annual office study trip to Vienna, looking in particular at exemplary educational, residential and healthcare building types within the city.
  • IDA Limerick Completed
    IDA Limerick Completed 19/4/2019
    The new three storey Advanced Office Building is located near a gateway road junction in Limerick.
  • Vacant Housing Shortlisted
    Vacant Housing Shortlisted 13/3/2019
    We are on-going in our efforts to restore and revive vacant housing for our client, Louth County Council.
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Van Dijk International is an architecture and project management company representing a number of International design specialists with an ability to bring a wealth of INTERNATIONAL EXPERTISE to projects in the Middle East and Europe. It has offices located in Ireland, UK, Libya and the United Arab Emirates.

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