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The Tholsel


The Tholsel, built in 1770, was used as the meeting place of Drogheda's Borough Council, the Grand Jury and the district courthouse. It was acquired by the Bank of Ireland in the 1800s and its use as a bank continued until 2007. During the occupation by the bank work was carried out to tackle an outbreak of rot. This included the removal of a large amount of the ceiling and plasterwork of the main council chamber. The building escaped the rot but its interior charcter was compromised in the process. In the 1990s the grand staircase balustrade was removed to facilitate an elevator, leaving the remaining structure of the stairs in poor condition.

In 2010 the council re-aquired the building. The ground floor hall was re-opened as a tourist office. The first floor, however, remains vacant. We prepared a report to survey The Tholsel, creating a programme of the work necessary to revive the building's spirit and a guide to carry out maintenance into the future.

We provided options to our client to bring the building in line with current accesibility standards. This will allow all members of the public to gain access to the first floor with relative ease. Drawings were prepared for the reinstatement of the Grand Staircase and we designed an intervention on the first floor to house kitchen and toilet facilities.

  • Location: Drogheda, Ireland الموقع: أردي، أيرلندا
  • Construction Contract Value: Confidential قيمة عقد البناء:
  • Key Dates: On-Going التواريخ الرئيسية: اكتمل
  • Client: Drogheda Borough Council العميل: مجلس مقاطعة لاوث
  • Project Manager/Architect: van Dijk International مدير مشروع / مهندس معماري : فان دايك الدولية