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Smarmore Castle Private Clinic


Smarmore Castle has been the seat of the Taaffe family who are thought to have occupied the site since c. 1320. There is little evidence of their occupation until the will of Sir William Taaffe of Smarmore was proved in Dublin 1631.  The Taaffe family had many branches and had large landholdings throughout the County of Louth.

The principal building centres around a medieval tower house (RMP LH017-066).  The tower house is three-storey in height with turrets to the east and west of an almost square plan. The walls to the main space are c. 5ft wide (1500mm) constructed in uncoursed limestone and greywacke and are radiused at the corners. The entrance to the tower house is understood to have been located to the NE of the west turret. A stairwell from ground level may have been located within this turret with a garderobe in the eastern turret. The barrel vault at ground floor level has been completely removed. It is possible that this castle was substantially reconstructed in the late C18 and early C19. The battlemented parapet and pointed arch windows emerged from that time.

We were commissioned to facilitate the change of use of the building from a hotel to a recovery clinic for patients with substance dependency. In addition to these works, it was proposed to re-instate some elements of the building that had been renovated in an unsympathetic manner, carry out remedial works where required and redecorate internally the building generally. Key to these works was the reinstatement of the large Georgian sash window that had been removed from the South-West elevation some time in the past.

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  • Location: Ardee, Ireland الموقع: دندلك، أيرلندا
  • Construction Contract Value: Confidential
  • Key Dates: Completed Spring 2016 التواريخ الرئيسية: اكتمل
  • Client: Smarmore Castle
  • Project Manager/Architect: van Dijk International مدير مشروع / مهندس معماري : فان دايك الدولية