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  • Location: Sunderland, England
  • Construction Contract Value: LYD 92m قيمة عقد البناء: 92 مليون دينار ليبي
  • Key Dates: Planning Permission April 2010 التواريخ الرئيسية: رخصة التخطيط أبريل 2010
  • Client: Sunderland City Council العميل: مجلس مدينة سندرلاند
  • Project Manager/Architect: Roughan O'Donovan المهندس: روغان أودونوڤان

The project was granted full planning permission in April 2010 and the detailed design is well progressed with a programmed completion date of October 2010.

The bridge concept was developed by architect Stephen Spence in conjunction with Matthew Wells of Techniker Consulting Engineers. Techniker are the lead consultants for the detailed design stage of theproject.

It was the winning entry in an international design competition held by Sunderland City Council in late 2004. The main features of the bridge are its two independent asymmetrical, curved ‘bull horn’ towers supporting the cable-stayed section of the bridge deck. The towers are 180 and 140 metres in height respectively making them amongst the tallest in the UK. The cable stays are unique in their arrangement, with each tower supporting one half of the 240 metre cable supported section of deck with no back stays present. The deck itself is made up of the 240 metre long cable stayed section and two equal 24 metre back spans on either side, resulting in a deck with an overall length of 336 metres.

The bridge will be the first of its kind anywhere in the world and will act as a new landmark for Sunderland and the North East of England. It forms part of the wider Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor scheme which aims to provide improved links into Sunderland city centre, reduce traffic congestion, provide a connection between major development sites, open up more riverside areas for regeneration, and deliver new jobs for the region.