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Development guidelines for any urban area specify principles, standards and criteria related to urban land and infrastructure development applicable to the particular block, super block or parcel of the urban area. Complete guidelines could be voluminous documents covering all the aspects of land and infrastructure, which may take more than a few years to prepare. In view of the urgency of the Kabul new city development, it is sensible to first prepare relatively simple guidelines in a short time specifying the minimum requirements to be satisfied for the development.

The development guidelines for the Kabul new city development presented here provide the basic principles and the minimal standards and criteria to be applied to the initial development of the Kabul new city. They have been developed in reference to the pilot development area, PDA or Parcel 1 as called by DCDA, in the Dehsabz South area, but the principles, standards and criteria are mostly applicable to other areas of the new city or at least the Dehsabz South area.

The development guidelines focus mainly on population distribution and density, distribution of various types of housing, allocation of commercial and business spaces, specifications of some public facilities, and the minimum requirements for buildings such as building coverage ratio, floor area ratio, maximum number of floors and setback requirements. Only the basic principles and very limited specifications are provided for various infrastructure facilities. For infrastructure development,specific conditions to be satisfied for any block, super block or parcel should be determined in consultation with relevant implementing agencies and/or utility companies based on existing Afghan standards, if any.

The present development guidelines should be regarded as the first version guidelines. They should be further developed and modified as they are applied to the initial new city development in cooperation with other relevant implementing agencies and/or utility companies. Separate development guidelines may be developed for each kind of infrastructure eventually. The development guidelines should be revised and modified continuously through the new city development over decades.