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Integrated Delivery

Our strategic goal is to use our "Integrated Delivery" approach to improve project profitability, project durability, build quality, sustainability and value while managing risk. We want to work with our clients to apply this approach not just to individual projects but across their multi site portfolios.

Primarily, we believe project delivery is about strategic thinking and human relationships. It's about thinking ahead both through the initial design and construction delivery programme but also through the full real estate life cycle. It's about building relationships with the design team, construction team and most importantly the client.

Van Dijk International, provide an OEM / H+S Archiving Service where clients can have VDI maintain their building information and documentation in digital format. VDI review on a bi-annual basis the information and the buildings themselves to ensure that any alterations are fully accounted for. VDI can extend out this service to cover a clients' entire portfolio of property.

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