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Intact Headquarters


We were commissioned to design a new headquarters for pioneering software development firm Intact. The new premises is located within Blackthorn Business Centre, an existing development designed by van Dijk Architects some years ago.

The concept for the layout was developed with an idea around transparency and encounters. Personnel are given a series of open collaborative spaces where ideas can be discussed and expanded. These areas are surrounded by private spaces like offices and meeting rooms located in distinguishable timber and glass pods which have a clear presence that further enforces the concept of transparency. These pods work to partition the overall office volume and enhance the series of beautiful timber trusses which repeat throughout the building.

  • Location: Dundalk, Ireland
  • Key Dates: Completed Summer 2015
  • Client: Intact Software
  • Project Manager/Architect: van Dijk International
  • van dijk architects conservation fit out awards entry