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Dr Steeven's Hospital


Dr. Steeven’s Hospital was built from 1719 to designs by the architect Thomas Burgh. The hospital opened in 1733 and operated as such until 1987. It was purchased by the HSE after that time and is currently in use as the headquarters of the HSE.

The proposed works relate to the refurbishment of the basement level offices which currently have many internal environmental issues including dampness, lighting and ventilation. In years previous windows have been blocked up and suspended ceilings put in place that take away from the original structure. Our strategy for the building is to provide an optimum internal environment while totally restoring the building with minimal intervention.

  • Location: Dublin, Ireland الموقع: دندلك، أيرلندا
  • Construction Contract Value: Confidential قيمة عقد البناء: 1.75 مليون يورو / 3.8 مليون دينار ليبي
  • Key Dates: Completed Spring 2017 التواريخ الرئيسية: اكتمل
  • Client: Health Services Executive العميل: إدارة الخدمات الصحية
  • Project Manager/Architect: van Dijk International مدير مشروع / مهندس معماري : فان دايك الدولية