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Design For Experience

Architecture which encourages people to enjoy the experience of being in and using buildings and projects is a core design philosophy for van Dijk Architects. It is our belief that by concentrating our thoughts on the physical and emotional ways in which users are likely to inhabit our buildings that we can produce architecture of true lasting quality.

Architecture is the back to the theatre of life

For many architects, one project is much the same as the next. The work of particular architects is highly recognisable as they use the same format for solving many different site and programme conditions. Our work is characterised by a diversity which is a result of our responsiveness to the requirements of both client, end user and site.

Our buildings are strong statements but defer to their context

Our projects manage to reconcile the conflicting demands placed upon them. They merge the personal and intuitive with the systematic and public. While the buildings are novel, the care in organisational design and the reflection of that in the built form means that people take little time to understand the underlying spatial order. This results in people being comfortable with the buildings in a natural and subliminal way.

In summary, all of our work and efforts are directed at producing buildings and environments that client, user and society as a whole can enjoy and be proud of.

design for experience
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