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Construction Efficiency

"van Dijk International were employed by us on a number of design-build competitions where their innovative, creative and professional approach helped us to be successful in winning preferred bidder status. Indeed we achieved this on every project where we worked with them. A number of the projects went on to be completed where the clients and our contract team were both highly satisfied with the service provided".
Kevin Maguire, Bennett Developments Ltd.

Van Dijk architects have extensive design and build experience. We have won preferred bidder status for our partner contractors in numerous competitive processes. We achieve this through our "Design for Construction" approach. What we mean about "Design for Construction" is the implementing of constant review of designs so that, while we achieve award winning International quality buildings they are designed with efficiency of construction in mind. There are a number of major advantages to this approach.

  • Buildings can be built quickly e.g. unitised cladding on Crowne Plaza Hotel.
  • Complicated shapes and details are more likely to have post contract problems.
  • Efficient construction leads to more competitive tenders and therefore better value for the client.
  • Often efficient construction design helps reduce the transport of materials making the process more sustainable.
  • The management of the construction project by the contractor is made simpler reducing management risk.

Ultimately, contractors we work with often end up becoming clients of ours on their next design and build project because in the day to day operation of their sites they value this "Design for Construction" approach.

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