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Commercial Focus

Van Dijk International have an extraordinary track record of getting our projects built. During the design development stage of a project, commercial viability is an intrinsic part of our focus. All our architects undergo regular intensive training in property development finance and economics. Our project management work is an integral part of the practice, not a separate division. This means that the commercial needs of our client are brought into sharp focus throughout our work.

Architects must correctly balance satisfying societies' needs, their own sense of self worth, the immediate success of a project, the long term sustainability of the project and most importantly the need for commercial viability either in terms of market forces or government budgets. The project must work at all levels and make sense financially.

Similarly, we understand that in project development, it is often the situation that "Time is of the Essence". We constantly endeavour to provide clients with a degree of responsiveness and efficient action which assists them in their working environment. In simple terms through efficient service and commercial understanding, we make project development as easy as possible for our clients.

commercial focus
commercial focus 1