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Brief Development

Certain clients wish to undertake competitive or design-build tenders on the basis of a design brief relating properly to the needs of the organisation and the budget available.

Van Dijk International prepare design and performance briefs following extensive consultation with all stakeholders and if necessary taking detailed advice from specialist consultants. We hold workshops for brainstorming the goals of the project, the likely risks to success, the requirements of the stakeholders, and advise on potential value engineering within the brief.

By challenging the pre-conceived notions of stakeholders and listening carefully to the opinions expressed we are able to independently advise the organisation on the correct course of action as well as preparing the briefing documents.

Similarly, we assist in assessing submitted tenders / design proposals including the establishment of tender scoring methodology and reporting techniques.

By careful consideration of the assessment issues prior to seeking tenders, we can avoid the unnecessarily burdensome tender requirements and assessment procedures which are becoming more prevalent today.

brief development